ONA AV100 Specifications

X-axis travel 1500 mm 59 in
Y-axis travel  1000 / 1300 mm 39.4 / 51.2 in
Z-axis travel  600 / 700 / 800 mm 23.6 / 27.6 / 31.5 in
Maximum workpiece dimensions    Large 1950 mm 76.8 in
Wide 1600 mm 63 in
High 600 mm 23.6 in
Allowable weight on table 10000 kg 22000 Ibs
U/V-axes travel 500 x 500 mm 19.7 x 19.7 in
Maximum angle of conical cut (optionally ±45º) +/- 30º / 400 mm +/- 30º / 15.8 in
Wire diameter 0.20 / 0.33 mm 0.008 – 0.013 in
Maximum cutting speed 360 mm2/min – Ø 0.30 mm (Xcc wire) 34 in2/hr – Ø 0.01 in (Xcc wire)

(*) Ask details for the different possible configurations. The indicated data correspond to the smaller machine configuration of each model.


Benefits of AV Technology

  • The numerical control, designed on the concept of usability, has: a 23” touch interface, Intuitive and visually friendly menus, Applications represented by icons, Real-time information, greater control of the process..
  • The optimisation of work times is another of the main functions of the AV machines. The system allows you to view the list of jobs (JOBs list).
  • The new interface displays the workpiece in 3D and allows the operator to rotate and move it according to their requirements with a simple tap on the screen thanks to its tactile technology.
  • The new generator enables cutting at high speeds and guarantees great efficiency of the machines. Savings of 30% and a 450mm2/min (0.33 wire(XCC)) speed..
  • ONA Script programming + Medition in-process option in order to have a total control of the workpiece positioning.


Commercial Convention: SO GOOD, SO ONA

This month has been very special for ONA as we have hosted our first international sales convention: SO GOOD, SO ONA. Sales representatives and distributors from 11 countries visited us on 16 and 17 June...



Constant flow of information on the machine to guarantee its perfect working, with a reduction in costs and the optimization of production processes.



We are committed to the design of increasingly autonomous and efficient machines with the maximum number of hours without downtime.



simolges“We chose ONA because of its high-quality equipment, its excellent services, and the good supplier/customer relationship it offers. We always recommend ONA“ SIMOLDES GROUP (PT)
stikel“We chose ONA because they are leaders in large machines, AV130 is the largest wire-cut EDM on the market. Moreover, it is so reliable that it works unsupervised every day of the week, and it maintains its high cutting speed.” STICKEL (Alemania)
hpm“We have found in ONA a solution provider partner with values similar to ours. Thanks to their technical capacity and knowledge, we can respond to the demands of clients like Safran.” HOURAT (FR)

GE Power

“The average working time of our ONA machines exceeds 96% active time.”

concours“Acquiring a double head ONA TQX10 and 2 robot changers with 132 positions will ensure superior working times and quality. An investment designed for our future. This is our tomorrow.” CONCOURS MOLD (USA)