We are EDM. It is in our origins, it’s within us.

It is the commitment we made when we started out and which we have stood by after more than 60 years of experience.

The cornerstone of our work that gives meaning to everything we do: EDM. We maintain a firm commitment to this technology, which has enabled us to be leaders and a reference in our sector in the past, now and in the future.

This is why we can now safely say, with modesty and conviction: we are EDM. In saying that we are EDM, we are committing ourselves to being a particular kind of company and adopting behaviours which we are proud of:


Integridad y transparencia

A strong commitment by everyone in ONA, while performing our daily activities, to behave in an ethical, honest and responsible manner. Professionalism should be a key characteristic of every person in ONA, behaving in an honest and open manner and always within the law, refraining from any poor practices.


Enfoque al Cliente

Knowledge of the client’s business, their real needs, motivations and expectations, both present and future. Our priority should be to establish relationships of mutual trust and to aim to be their foremost technological partner, always offering agile solutions and responses that bring added value and faithfully fulfilling every commitment that we make.



Promoting the active pursuit of new ideas and challenges that can define the market (key clients, target sectors, etc.), striving to improve the solution for the client.
Generating the necessary mechanisms to maximise the innovative potential of each opportunity, avoiding any improvisation and channelling the needs between all stakeholders in a coordinated manner.


Trabajo en Equipo

Active and pro-active cooperation between all members of ONA to achieve the company’s overall objectives, sharing information, knowledge and experience. All with respect and empathy, assuming responsibilities, being disciplined and treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


Búsqueda de la Excelencia

Everyone’s strong commitment to improving how we do things in our daily work, pursuing the satisfaction to be gained from a job well done, striving to exceed the expectations of internal and external clients. This commitment should apply to all areas of our work, to the quality of our product, to the improvement of our internal processes, to our costs, to our internal communication, to our people management, to our environmental awareness and management, to our service to clients… and with the understanding that financial results are a way to keep ONA moving forwards.


Orgullo de Pertenencia

Full satisfaction from feeling like an important part of ONA, being ourselves, with authenticity and deep respect for others, whether they be other colleagues, clients, partners, competitors…