HAIER incorporates the ONA QX6+ die-sinking EDM machine equipped with a microfine generator, filtering unit and CNC control.

\ Haier incorporates the ONA QX6+ EDM machine with microfine generator

HAIER, no. 1 manufacturer in the world of large household appliances, incorporates the ONA QX6+ die-sinking EDM machine equipped with a microfine generator, filtering unit and CNC control.


The Chinese giant, Haier, has been ranked world leader in the manufacture of large household appliances for the past eight consecutive years. The company has built a reputation for itself thanks to the development of innovative products and has consolidated and strengthened its leadership in the sector. Haier is constantly on the look-out for excellence in innovation with its 5 R&D centres. It carries out intensive market research and is always adapting its different products to suit the local tastes and needs of its consumers. It specializes in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of sustainable products (refrigerators, televisions, dishwashers, washing machines, electronic equipment and energy solutions). Precisely because of this strategy based on research and innovation, the Chinese group has chosen to rely on ONA as its trusted supplier of EDM machines for manufacturing the molds for its own-brand household appliances. ONA is now its trusted partner in the EDM sector. The four machines purchased are the new QX6+ models. Haier opted for ONA following a series of erosion tests that certified that the ONA models complied with their productivity and quality standards. These machines are the first ONA acquisitions made by the Chinese company and can be seen in operation at an event organized by Haier in its own plant during the first week of June.


• 100% configurable and digital generator. All the generator parameters can be adjusted and/or modified from the program.
• Powerful CNC that can control up to 8 axes simultaneously.
• 3D manufacturing without limitations.
• Fully automated eco-friendly filter.
• Expert erosion system: 100 % unsupervised operation.
• Graphical representation of the orbit path, multi-cavities, contouring and the efficiency of the Expert Erosion System (BES).

Company/strong> HAIER GROUP.
HI-TECH ZON, 266101 QINGDAO (China)
Regional offices in Paris and New York.
Employees 77,000 employees.
Activity Design, development, manufacture and sale of products, including air conditioning, cell phones, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and televisions.
Manufacturing 37,000 million US$ in 2017.
Market It is the highest selling brand of household appliances in the world (source: Euromonitor International) and no. 1 in sales in China. In the large household appliance sector (refrigerators, freezers and washing machines) its world market share is 14.2%.
Sector and type of application Molds for household appliances (own-brand).
Equiment 4 EDM machines, QX6+ models.