Sabacaucho to machine large moulds for elastomeric parts with the ONA IRIS8 B1L+ machine

Sabacaucho to machine large moulds for elastomeric parts with the ONA IRIS8 B1L+ machine

Sabacaucho, a leading company in the production of elastomeric parts with a track record covering more than 40 years, was faced with the challenge of machining and repairing increasingly large moulds. To satisfy this requirement, ONA offered them a comprehensive solution with its ONA IRIS8 B1L+ die sinking EDM machine. This model is characterised by its high capacity and cutting-edge technology, backed up by exceptional technical support. The close collaboration between ONA and Sabacaucho has ensured high quality results and agile solutions to meet the growing demand for large moulds.


The ONA technological solution for machining large moulds: ONA IRIS8 B1L+

Sabacaucho’s requirement for a machine with a high capacity for machining and repairing larger moulds led the company to contact ONA. The Catalan company required a solution that would allow them to keep up with growing market demand and meet tight production deadlines. ONA’s answer to this challenge was its ONA IRIS8 B1L+ die sinking EDM machine. With tank dimensions of 2800 x 1500 x 1000 mm and a technological capacity of up to 8 simultaneously controlled axes, this model provided Sabacaucho with the necessary capacity to machine any type of part. Georgina López Soto, CEO of Sabacaucho, notes: “With ONA’s IRIS8 B1L EDM machine we can machine moulds for larger parts, including the large moulds required for the production of elastomeric parts. ” The first application of the ONA IRIS8 B1L+ model at Sabacaucho involved the modification of a large mould for the production of sealing gaskets for wind turbine propellers. This process included the addition of 12 welded segments to increase the dimensions of the mould plates. Once the segments were welded, an EDM process was carried out with the ONA IRIS8 B1L+ equipment comprising roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, using graphite electrodes and cavities across the diameter of the mould plates until the final shape was obtained. Georgina Lopez Soto also highlights the fact that: “With this EDM process we can regulate the level of finish of the parts in terms of roughness and obtain the machining of complex figures that could not be obtained with other types of machining.”

Innovation and technical support

Sabacaucho trusted ONA not only for the capacity and technological capabilities of its machine, but also for the exceptional technical support service. ONA’s specialised team worked closely with the Sabacaucho staff from the initial machining phase through to the optimisation of the roughing and finishing parameters so that the entire process would be perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the Sabacaucho part. They guided us in creating the most suitable program and showed us the best options for part and electrode reference, confirms Georgina López Soto. In addition, they offered valuable advice and recommendations throughout the process, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of their products and the machining process in general. In conclusion, the implementation of the ONA IRIS8 B1L+ machine has enabled Sabacaucho to successfully meet the challenge of machining large moulds for the production of elastomeric parts. In addition, the constant technical support offered by ONA throughout the implementation has been key to optimising the machining process, guaranteeing high quality results. The CEO of the company sums it up perfectly in one sentence: “Thanks to the flexibility, speed and adaptability of ONA we have been able to establish appropriate solutions to our needs in an agile and efficient way.”

  • Company: SABACAUCHO
  • Turnover: 6 and 30 M€
  • Premises: 5000 m2 in Castellar del Vallès (BARCELONA).
  • Services
    • Sabacaucho Urban Division: Specialising in the production of high quality flexible bollards and posts, using the patented X-last® material to guarantee strength and durability.
    • Sabacaucho Industry Division: This division offers customised solutions for industry with a variety of  lastomers, developed in-house to meet specific needs.
    • Sabacaucho Tech Division: Elastomer research and development centre offering solutions from formulation to production.
    • 2D3 Solutions Division: 3D printing, laser cutting and marking services in various materials, as well as design and production of 3D moulds, prototypes and parts.
  • International presence: The products of the Sabacaucho Industry division are distributed globally in the 5 continents. The Sabacaucho Urban division has distributors selling bollards and cycle lane separators all over the world.