ONA EDM technology optimises the performance of the MCM production process.

ONA EDM technology optimises the performance of the MCM production process.

Mário da Costa Martins & Filho Lda (MCM), a well-respected company specialising in the production of metal components obtained by stamping, significantly improves its tool manufacturing process thanks to its collaboration with ONA. The acquisition of ONA’s AV25, AV35 and AV60 models has meant an increase in profitability and quality for MCM and a high level of satisfaction. The choice of ONA is based on the outstanding value for money and the confidence in its highly competent technical service.

The Portuguese company MCM (Mário da Costa Martins & Filho Lda), which dates back to 1897, focuses its activity on the manufacture of metal components by stamping for a variety of industries, such as the automotive, electronics and electrical sectors. The company not only seeks to satisfy the needs of its customers but is also actively committed to promoting the development of the region and care for the environment. A leading company in the metallurgy sector, it has made innovation a fundamental part of its success, achieving a solid position in the industry through a constant search for the most advanced tools and technology. Over the company’s history, MCM has established a strong collaboration with ONA, its trusted supplier for EDM solutions, which has contributed significantly to its success.

The ONA AV25, AV35 and AV60 models have become a fundamental part of the production process of MCM tools. These machines make it possible to obtain complex geometries and guarantee high precision and quality of finish in the manufactured metal components. The choice of ONA was based on several key factors:

  • The outstanding value for money of the ONA machines.
  • Its highly competent technical service.

Francisco da Costa Martins, manager of the company, summarises this collaboration with the words “quality, price, proximity and trust”.

ONA’s commitment to EDM

After several meetings at trade fairs and the establishment of a solid relationship, MCM made the decision to place their trust in ONA to demonstrate its capabilities and provide EDM solutions that meet the company’s high standards of quality. In 2017, MCM acquired the ONA AV25 wire EDM model. The results obtained and the quality of the service provided by ONA were highly satisfactory. This led to them considering the possibility of implementing other ONA EDM machines. At the end of 2021, they acquired the ONA AV60 and ONA AV35 models. These new machines were installed in 2022, and since then they have exceeded the company’s expectations, providing excellent performance and contributing significantly to the improvement of production processes.


Mário da Costa Martins & Filho Lda has succeeded in standing out in the metalworking industry thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality. The collaboration with ONA has allowed MCM to exceed the expectations of their customers and achieve high levels of profitability and satisfaction. As a company committed to progress, MCM will continue to opt for modernisation and cuttingedge technology to consolidate their position as a national benchmark for the production of high-quality metal components.

  • Employees: 160 Employees
  • Location: Quinta de Santa Maria, 150 4700-244 Maximinos Braga, PORTUGAL
  • Services:
    • Steel: design, production and maintenance of tools.
    • Production: cutting, stamping and assembly.
    • Prototype section.
    • MCM Medical: medical devices.
    • Other services: treatments, cleaning, “Tape and Reel”.
  • Clients: APTIV, Bosch Automotive, Continental, Grohe, UMC-Uchiyama Manufacturing, Corp. e Visteon.
  • Equipment:
    • ONA – AV25, AV35 y AV60.
    • Robofil – 690, 510, 290(2x), 200 y CUT 30 P
    • Excetek – NP600L
  • Sectors: Automotive, Electronics and Electrical.