ONA is committed to innovation with its participation in EINNEK

\ ONA is committed to innovation with its participation in EINNEK

The ONA commitment to innovation and talent continues with its holding in the Basque company Einnek. The young electrical engineering company, created barely a year ago, designs and manufactures electrical-electronic components and equipment.

Following a philosophy based on the continuous improvement of the performance of its work processes, Einnek is a perfect match for ONA and our way of understanding the sector. With our 25% stake in the company, we want to contribute our experience and the trust that our customers have placed in us over more than 70 years. And at Einnek they are convinced that the presence of a firm as important as ONA will provide more confidence and security for the customers who want to collaborate in their projects.

Their focus on maintaining a highly qualified team of staff and their priority commitment to continuous improvement define a business model that they share with ONA. Their manufacturing method is based on the lean manufacturing system, adapting it to short and variable batches of production, which also fits perfectly with the ONA manufacturing model. At ONA we are delighted to be able to collaborate with Einnek and contribute to the company’s success.