ONA EDM first international Sales Convention: SO GOOD, SO ONA

\ ONA EDM first international Sales Convention: SO GOOD, SO ONA

This month has been very special for ONA as we have hosted our first international sales convention: SO GOOD, SO ONA. Sales representatives and distributors from 11 countries visited us on 16 and 17 June to find out about all the news regarding products, services and technologies under development.

The technical and commercial training that the attendees received covered the new products in die-sinking and wire EDM, experiences with customers in key sectors such as aeronautics, the latest advances in additive manufacturing and projects under development in micro-hole and fast hole technologies, among others. In addition, we shared our new proposals for digital services, which provide our customers with added value and make them more competitive in their manufacturing processes.

This convention has also served to bring our network closer to the culture and day-to-day life of ONA, as well as to transmit the key messages that make us different and relevant in the market, so that they can later raise our profile around the world.

Given the current health situation, this convention was also a logistical and organisational challenge, which, thanks to the collaboration of the ONA team and the good will of the attendees, was met with great success.

Finally, we hope to be able to celebrate another convention soon and that it will be as successful and as enriching an experience as SO GOOD, SO ONA has been for everyone.