ONA wire-cut EDM machines: The most powerful and intuitive numerical control designed to simplify production processes to guarantee maximum productivity.

\ ONA AV wire-cut EDM machines with the most powerful CNC

A new numerical control for AV wire EDM machine range with a more intuitive interface designed to simplify production processes, thus guaranteeing maximum productivity.


\ Intuitive menus and visually friendly

Optimizing production processes to enhance performance has always been one of ONA’s main objectives. The current market increasingly demands simple solutions which satisfy stiff requirements. Fully convinced of this need, ONA has included a very powerful, user-friendly and intuitive numerical control in its new machines in the AV wire cutting range which can adapt to the requirements of each client. All users can obtain perfect results, thus improving performance and optimizing times. ONA wanted to make EDM easier for operators with almost no prior knowledge.

The new numerical control was designed on the concept of usability. It has a touch interface, intuitive menus and is visually friendly. Each application is shown graphically in full colour in simple icons and with direct access to each process. The 23” touch screen provides real-time information of the variables allowing the user greater control of each procedure. It includes the maximum number of functions to optimize the production cycles and to reduce programming and set-up times. By simplifying each EDM job, ONA assures that the final result is up to highest quality standards.

The new interface displays the workpiece in a 3D graphic environment and allows the operator to rotate and move it according to their requirements with a simple tap on the screen. This screen also displays the execution of the wire cutting process in real time on the workpiece, and provides information on the location of the wire and the completion time for each piece.

For the very demanding, the ONA Script programming application is included. This enables customized setup cycles, actions conditioned to a series of premises, personalised dialog boxes, etc.

Moreover, the new numerical control allows the operator to view the list of jobs (JOBs list). Each user can plan their tasks according to their priority. In addition, they can bring jobs forward, thus ensuring the greatest autonomy possible to each machine.

In order to simplify the user’s work, the control includes direct access to the different programs. Everything is digitalized. All the information relating to the machining of workpieces is stored digitally, thus avoiding the loss of data and errors.

Another competitive edge is the fact that all the machines can adapt to possible future requirements. They include proven and highly reliable architecture which is compatible with the installation of additional software. ONA is therefore in the position to offer its clients a guarantee for the future with more flexible machines with a great capacity to update.

ONA’s R&D team has designed a numerical control at the vanguard of current technology. Production processes are more profitable and all users can optimize the manufacturing process to get excellent results. It is undoubtedly yet another example in innovation of the good work being carried out by the company in the EDM sector, in the design of increasingly perfect machines.