Interview Hector Ortiz, Commercial Manager of PROMETAL in Mexico

Interview Hector Ortiz, Commercial Manager of PROMETAL in Mexico

At ONA we have been establishing alliances with local partners around the world for 70 years – relationships based on trust and knowledge, which help us reach our customers and transmit the meaning of ONA, and what we stand for, to the world. In this section we want you to learn more about our closest partnerships.

What do you like about EDM compared to other technologies?

What I like about EDM is that technologically it seems to me to be a very special process, capable of carrying out very precise procedures with very complex shapes that today machining cannot do. Through EDM, very complex profiles or cavities can be manufactured in materials with very high hardness that would not be possible with other processes, and the roughness and precision are two factors that also amaze me in the EDM process.

How do you see the future of EDM? What are the challenges of the future?

I have always considered that EDM has a great future within the aerospace, medical and automotive industries, since it is constantly innovating. The main challenge faced by EDM is being able to meet the machining needs required by the constant development of processes within different industries as well as new materials in different manufacturing segments, and that is why EDM must always use cutting-edge technology in order to be able to meet the requirements of any industry in the future.

What technologies do you think can be great allies of EDM in the future?

In my opinion, Industry 4.0 is a great ally, as well as 3D printing technology, laser welding for the repair of moulds and dies and later the EDM process. In the near future, perhaps artificial intelligence will be a great partner for programming complex parts and even decision-making in EDM processes.

What emerging markets do you foresee in the world of EDM?

A machine was recently installed at the Platinum Tool plant in Ramos Arizpe Coahuila. This is a customer dedicated to the manufacture of large-sized and high-precision moulds for the automotive industry. The machine is an ONA IRIS8 and has exceeded customer expectations in terms of roughness and precision. With the IRIS8 machine, the customer Platinum Tool has established a highly competitive position within the group of companies that manufacture plastic injection moulds in Mexico.

Do you remember a success story with a client who marked you?

Without a doubt, Mexico is one of the emerging markets, and now, with the installation of TESLA and other companies that will establish themselves as future suppliers for the electric vehicle industry, I believe that there is an opportunity for the field of EDM, not to mention other companies from different segments that are being installed and that are bound to require these manufacturing processes.

What is your function?

I am currently the Commercial Manager of the company PROMETAL in Mexico and we are responsible for marketing ONA equipment in the Mexican market as well as providing post-sales service for ONA equipment installed in Mexico.

What do you think makes ONA most characteristic and special?

In my opinion, what characterises ONA is its commitment to the users of the machines and the way they innovate and develop new generators and new machines that meet the needs of the market. They have an applications engineering department whose purpose is to work alongside the customers as they carry out their processes with the aim of improving these and making them more efficient, in addition to developing new user-friendly controls.

What do you like most about working at ONA?

The commitment of the ONA staff to the users of the machines around the world, the support and know-how, in addition to the development of large machines that can even be manufactured with special dimensions in order to suit the processes.

A wish for the future of the company

To continue with this commitment to innovate and develop new technologies for the proper development of the EDM process, since this commitment has resulted in many years of achievements and successes. I wish them many more years in the future.