Alcapur Soperfect trusts in ONA for the production of complex parts with EDM

\ Alcapur Soperfect trusts in ONA for the production of complex parts with EDM

Being specialists in the manufacture of highly complex moulds means always working with the best suppliers on the market. At Alcapur – Soperfect they are very conscious of this and, for this reason, ONA has become their benchmark supplier when it comes to electrical discharge machining (EDM). For Portuguese firms, the high precision and efficiency of ONA machines are crucial for producing moulds with very stringent requirements. ONA’s state-of- the-art EDM technology guarantees high quality parts in a shorter production time. “The fact that we are also backed up by a professional local technical service is definitely an added value,” state both companies.

High level of complexity with very precise machining

Based in Loureiro (Portugal), Soperfect has been designing, manufacturing and marketing plastic injection moulds for sectors such as the automotive, food, household appliance, toys and garden furniture industries since 2008. Since 2008, it has been sharing installations with Alcapur, a company specialising in the machining of plastic injection moulds for the automotive and furniture industries. Together they work in partnership producing from small and medium-sized moulds up to moulds of more than 40 tons.

Being involved in the whole process, from product engineering to production and marketing, innovation is a fundamental asset in their business strategy. They are constantly on the lookout for the most advanced technological solutions on the market, and it was precisely this search that led them to ONA. “The Basque firm encompasses all the requirements that our company needed”, the company emphasises.

Alcapur – Soperfect provides highly complex solutions requiring very precise machining. The high performance and efficiency of our machines, as well as their after-sales support, were decisive factors in choosing ONA. Their words show just how right they have been to place their confidence in us: “We produce parts that often require minute, high-precision drilling. These machines can also handle large workpieces weighing up to 20 tonnes. All this makes our work much easier,” they say.

Recognition as leader in EDM technology

ONA is considered by Alcapur – Soperfect to be the undisputed leader in EDM technology currently available on the market. Our machines guarantee excellent finishing quality and also reduce machining times. “We recognise ONA’s full potential for technological development and as a leading company in the EDM market, with its wide experience in special, large machines”, they ensure us.

Access to ONA’s EDM technology undoubtedly gives a cutting edge over the competitors, which explains why they already have four ONA machines at their facilities, the last two acquired in 2021.

Working alongside a customer over the years shows us that our commitment to finding ever more innovative, cutting-edge technological solutions is rewarded with the trust our customers place in us.

Company Alcapur – Soperfect
Employees 50 employees, 30 in the production department and the rest in the administrative and project departments.
Services It offers tailor-made solutions adapted to the client’s needs, such as:

  • Moulds manufactures for the production of parts for use in the automotive industry
  • Moulds for manufacturing indoor furniture
  • Moulds for garden furniture
  • Packaging moulds
  • Moulds for household items
Sectors Automotive, Food, Household appliance, Toy and Gardening industries.