ONA HALLEY. Better. Faster. Wiser.

ONA HALLEY. Better. Faster. Wiser.

Inspired by the heavens

The launch of a new model is a significant event for any company, but in the case of ONA it takes on even greater importance since we are working at the cutting edge of a new technology. For this reason, we needed to properly focus our image and narrative to differentiate ourselves and take advantage of the opportunity to develop a creative campaign. The creative development of this launch can be summarised in three key aspects. Three ideas that have given as a result a distinctive naming, narrative and style:

  • Revolutionary launch

The first fast hole drilling machine by ONA stands out from the competition from the start. Tactile and user-friendly, it integrates an HMI never seen before in machines of this kind.

  • Speed of our technology

A machine that, as proven in a number of tests, is faster than the competition.

  • Aeronautics sector

A technology specifically created for the production of turbine blades. Compact, adapted to lean manufacturing as demanded by the companies in the sector. We interweave the concepts of launch, speed and space, and we find not just a name, but a visual world of meanings.

At ONA we have been working in the turbine sector for more than 25 years, a track record that has allowed us to work closely with the main companies in this field and to find out about and understand their needs first hand. As a result of this experience, and bearing in mind that FAST HOLE technology has become the most competitive alternative for the machining of cooling holes in turbine blades and vanes, we identified the need to create a FAST HOLE machine adapted to the current demands of our customers and using the latest technological advances. In this project, we have drawn on all our knowledge and the progress that has been made in EDM, the result of more than 70 years working in the field, together with the know-how of people with the most extensive knowledge of this technology.

For the development of our FAST HOLE machine, we decided to look for a partner with experience in these applications and we therefore acquired part of the AAEDM company in the United States. This partnership has given us a better understanding of the end product, its applications and the  hallenges faced by operators.

Today we want to tell you about the launch of our first FAST HOLE machine, ONA HALLEY, an achievement that fills us with pride as well as inspiring us to continue to innovate. But what makes ONA HALLEY special compared to other FAST HOLE machines? ONA HALLEY is the most compact, efficient and intelligent option on the market.


Expert in complex shaped holes.

At ONA we know that no two holes are the same, just as no two needs are the same. Whether it is film cooling holes or diffuser holes of different shapes, the turbine industry requires many different shaped holes to maximise the performance of the end parts. Aware of this, ONA HALLEY is able to produce the most complex and intricate holes in any conductive material with the best possible results.

Total control of the white layer in the EDM process and traceability of the parts.

Including data recording of different parameters in order to be able to precisely replicate parts.


As fast as a comet.

With blistering speed and unrivalled precision, ONA Halley is the fastest FAST HOLE machine on the market. Blade and vane cavities are produced in the blink of an eye. Unbeatable speed for unbeatable results.

¿How? It works in immersion mode, speeding up the production of parts. The combination of applying the electrode rotation at up to 1000 rpm and internal cleaning at a pressure of up to 100 bar increases productivity and ensures the best finishes. The automatic electrode and guide changer reduces downtime and speeds up the process. In addition, the changer can be accessed without stopping the machine. Side access allows reloading while the machine is running.


Smart design for a straightforward experience

Ergonomic and compact. Our machine takes up less space and is designed for ease of use. In addition, its integrated tablet-style touchscreen simplifies process management.

Small and compact

Our machine takes up less space so that you can make the most of your production plant, and it is compact, ready for use in any LEAN manufacturing process.

Pure ergonomics

Easy side access to load electrodes while the machine is running.

Intuitive operation

A tablet-style touch screen, a wireless controller that gives you independence and a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use HMI, created by a team of specialists focused exclusively on its design.