One more step, a little further forwards. Introducing AV35 NEXT, the evolution of our AV35 model, incorporating apparently subtle improvements that change everything. The development and studies carried out for this new model have allowed us to offer improvements particularly in terms of precision, reliability and productivity, but also in handling. AV35 NEXT offers automation and monitoring options that improve the overall performance of the equipment.


Intuitive precisión

A new model for a new experience. This wire EDM machine brings together the best of our 70 years of experience with different technologies, to offer you the best ergonomics, ease of use and precision in the production of your parts. A user-friendly machine designed with a single purpose: to achieve the closest thing to perfection in WEDM to date. Because when precision is intuitive, the natural thing is to obtain the best results.


Machine structure:

  • Change of the tank rear closure system in order to reduce friction and achieve a reduction of the backlash.

Wire cinematics:

  • More range of wire tension (from 100g to 3000g).
  • Optimization of the use of the wire brake wheel, facilitating its repositioning to make the most of it.
  • Special brake wheel for use with fast-cutting coated wires.




  • Cartridge status monitoring. The machine notifies the operator that the filter cartridges are becoming saturated, so that he can plan to replace them with new ones at the most appropriate time.
  • Cartridge pressure switch, digitized maintenance.

Wire cinematics:

  • Option of an external wire feeder for spools of up to 45 kg, compatible with the existence of the standard feeder for spools of up to 16 kg included on the front of the machine.


  • Improved tuning. The assembly of the machine at the customer’s home is easier as fewer points have to be connected.
  • Improvement of access to the inside of the machine by the Technical Service or the client himself. The covers are easier to remove and assemble.




  • Easier access to the resin bottle and filter cartridge

Work Tank:

  • Pneumatic door, much faster up and down.
  • The work tank illumination light is positioned so it does not dazzle the user, clearly illuminating the work area and lower head.
  • The cartridges are extracted at the rear of the machine, with the help of a tray to make the operation more ergonomic.

Wire cinematics:

  • The replacement of the lower current pick-up can be done from the outside of the head, without having to remove more than a simple cover. It is no longer necessary to disassemble part of the lower head to change the pick-up. The pick-up can be removed without removing the conical pieces on its top.
  • New easy removal system for the inner wheel of the lower head.


Wire cinematics:

  • Flexibility of automatic threading with special wires. Special applications.”Custom wires” can be easily configured in order to adapt the automatic threadingto other types of wire that the user has and that do not resemble those that appear in the tables that the machine incorporates.
  • New chopper design. The blades are eliminated avoiding their misalignment. The need to have the string drawer full of water disappears. The new chopper is easily removable to work with very fine wires.