Interview Joan Pages, Commercial representative for Catalonia, the Centre and the East

Interview Joan Pages, Commercial representative for Catalonia, the Centre and the East

At ONA we have been establishing alliances with local partners around the world for 70 years – relationships based on trust and knowledge, which help us reach our customers and transmit the meaning of ONA, and what we stand for, to the world. In this section we want you to learn more about our closest partnerships.

What do you like about EDM compared to other technologies?

The possibility of being able to machine any conductive material, whatever it is and in whatever way is desired, seems to me to be an excellent advertisement for EDM compared to conventional machining (chip removal) or other methods (laser, water cutting) with limitations that EDM does not have. I am still fascinated by the process of how it works and how we are able to control it.

How do you see the future of EDM? What are the challenges of the future?

I think that the future of EDM is to investigate improvements to increase performance and speeds (EDM’s Achilles heel compared to other technologies) and to be able to offer final products that can be directly applied in critical applications (aeronautics, electronics, implants, etc.) and complemented with new 3D printing technologies to provide better solutions to market needs.

What technologies do you think can be great allies of EDM in the future?

EDM is a great partner for all the technologies in general, although the latest developments in metallic 3D printing with titanium alloys could work particularly well in partnership with EDM.

 What emerging markets do you foresee in the world of EDM?

Mainly aeronautics, electronics and implantology where problematic metal alloys are increasingly incorporated and where conventional processes encounter considerable difficulties for precision or complicated machining.

Do you remember a success story with a client who marked you?

I will always remember the first order obtained when I started at ONA, but the biggest success story is that of the MACER company in Castellón. A company dedicated to the production of moulds for the ceramic industry with customers as wellknown as PORCELANOSA and PAMESA. The project was initiated by my predecessor Gregorio Garcia and involved the invaluable collaboration and excellent work of the entire company, and we have been able to offer customers tailored solutions in EDM machines (wire and die sinking) with results that keep the customer using our product ranges in the future and speaking highly of the attention and after-sales service that we continue to provide.

What is your function?

Commercial representative for Catalonia, the Centre and the East.

What do you think makes ONA most characteristic and special?

The personalised attention and the continuous “best on the market” after-sales technical support service.

What do you like most about working at ONA?

The great camaraderie and commitment of all of us who work at ONA to obtain solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.

A wish for the future of the company

Not losing sight of the key concepts that allow us to be one of the best companies in the world in this technology: flexibility, enthusiasm and commitment to all our customers with the aim of offering a good product and excellent service.