We offer a unique opportunity to buy QX6 and QX4 sinker EDM machines and AF35 WEDM machines at unbeatable prices. Immediate delivery

\ EDM machines ready to deliver at special prices

\ Equipment at bargain prices. We offer a unique opportunity to buy QX6 and QX4 sinker EDM machines and AF35 WEDM machines at unbeatable prices. Immediate delivery.

\ ONA 2021 INCENTIVIZED UPGRADE PLAN: We offer facilities and substantial financial aid to upgrade old equipment to much more productive, more profitable latest-generation machines.

Technology is moving forward quickly, and what was cutting-edge a few years ago no longer is today. This goes for EDM too. At ONA we are well aware of this, as we have been focusing on R&D for over 70 years, providing new solutions for electrical discharge machining and improving our machines year by year.

We move technology forwards, but at the same time we seek to ensure that you can incorporate the advantages of our latest developments into your manufacturing processes.

[Three ways in which ONA helps prevent you getting left behind]

  1. From time to time we launch special deals on equipment. We are now offering QX6 and QX4 sinker EDM machines and AF35 WEDM machines..
  2.  We retrofit your equipment.
  3. Take advantage of the ONA INCENTIVIZED UPGRADE PLAN. We upgrade your old equipment to newer, far more productive, more profitable machines, offering you facilities and substantial financial aid.



 We are currently offering special prices and immediate delivery on our QX6 and QX4 sinker EDM and AF35 WEDM machines.

 The advantages of ONA’s QX range include:

  • Improvements in erosion time of up to 200% thanks to their high-performance, fully digital generator. These machines are perfect for applications that require major very good surface quality and high cutting speeds, and for securing the high quality required in sectors such as aeronautics.
  • They are fully customizable via Script Programming, enabling you to create your own setup cycles, implement actions conditional on a number of premises, program with variables and generate customised dialogue boxes.
  • Their Security Pack provides greater control and security, enabling you to set up a single administrator for the machine, configure different access profiles, restricts the deletion or modification of files, block external access and log operating and working hours.

Our AF35 machines offer:

  • Increased profitability and reliability, plus proven cutting precision.
  • A state-of-the-art CNC with a Windows type operating system, capable of controlling six axes, five of them (X, Y, U, V) simultaneously. The possibility of automatic handling, incorporating technology tables developed for fully reliable, precision cutting. A vertical precision of 5 µ with one rough cut + one finish cut.

And remember, all these models are available for immediate delivery.



ONA EDM machines are made to last. Proof of this can be found in the more than 15,000 currently up and running all around the world, many of which have been in service for over 25 years and continue to provide optimal performance. They are robust, reliable machines that can last decades if used and maintained properly.

The huge effort that we at ONA put into research every year means that our machines are being continually made more efficient, more productive and above all more profitable for users. Indeed, an ONA machine from just a few years ago is very different in terms of quality, speed, cost savings and sustainability from a latest generation machine. The leap forward in technology is more than evident.

 “Fact: The latest models take less than two hours to manufacture parts that took six hours 20 years ago”.

To reward our customers for their trust and loyalty in ONA, we have set up an incentivized upgrade plan that offers substantial financial aid to update old equipment to newer, much more productive machines.

[Why change your current machine to a newer ONA model?]


  • Our latest generation machines are far more efficient, thanks to their new, 100% digital generator, which is the most powerful on the market (capable of reaching 400 A). Smart technology optimizes the erosion process, adapts it to the discharge conditions at each moment and ensures maximum savings on electrodes. It catalogs each spark according to quality and eliminates those not conducive to perfect machining. This means that you obtain more molds/workpieces with fewer electrodes (decreases of up to 80%).
  • The ONA environmental filter also prevents any waste other than that from the erosion process itself. So you are not only helping to take care of the planet but also saving costs, because there is practically zero maintenance.
  • Process automation means that you can leave machines unattended for much longer. The number of hours of continuous operation is maximized. ONA solutions can be integrated into standard robots for one or two machines and into multi-machine, multi-process manufacturing cells (EDM, milling, measuring, etc.) with centralised control software and integration into CAD/CAM for automatic program generation.

Markets are calling for increasingly efficient industrial machinery, and only those businesses that use the best available technology can set the pace; a pace that must be maintained by all those who seek to compete on a level playing field. Choosing ONA and its new models means choosing to move into the future of EDM.


Contact us for prices of machines on special offer and full details of our INCENTIVIZED UPGRADE PLAN. We will be delighted to help you.