ONA Smart Connect integral service: Automation of processes and improvement of the performance of EDM technology. Advantages of Industry 4.0 in EDM Machining

\ ONA Smart Connect: Advantages of Industry 4.0 in EDM Machining

Nowadays, it is only by availing of the opportunities offered by digital connectivity that you can be competitive at international level. ONA’s professional record with proven experience makes us a trusted partner on the road to digital transformation, offering you practical solutions to obtain a more transparent, flexible and economical manufacturing process.


\ The fourth industrial revolution is transforming the manufacturing world

ONA Smart Connect is an integral service with all the advantages of Industry 4.0, implying more autonomous and reliable machines. For ONA, the client comes first and that is why it accompanies them throughout the machine’s useful life, providing advisory services during the different stages of the process with an aim to guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the machine and a relationship of mutual trust down through the years. It is only through the joint work of ONA and the client that the success of the project can be guaranteed.

Expert advisory services

Prior to the sale, ONA’s advisory team is in charge of finding the best option for each client. They analyse each client’s needs, they carry out a preliminary study and design a perfect customized solution for them. Their goal is to guarantee that each machine is in the best working condition in the specific environment of each client. In addition, ONA takes on the responsibility to deliver each machine in the best condition. It carries out tests on each application. A series of information analysis services of the manufacturing process as well as of the machine status are included under the ONA Smart Concept. The data is stored in a big data repository for its subsequent visualization and analysis. The continuous analysis of the information on the status and operation of the machines keeps you up to date with the optimum manufacturing process of each workpiece, thus optimizing resources.

Design and programming

Its machines are highly automated. They can work independently thus increasing their efficiency and productivity. The user can access the machine’s functions from anywhere in the world at any time: mobile phone, tablet and computer. Each machine includes the possibility of connectivity and network operation: Ethernet connector, standard TCP/IP communication. They offer the possibility to integrate complete flexible manufacturing cells with connection and historical data display. They include real time monitoring of machines and production lines. In addition, the user can avail of daily reports on the production line and alarms.

Technical support and predictive maintenance

Thanks to the ONA Smart Connect services, the cost of the maintenance of each machine is lowered. ONA can detect in advance the possible incidents and act on the spot, thus avoiding production downtime or more serious setbacks. In addition, it includes complementary information on the status of consumables, machine consumption and erosion time, so that the next change of consumables can be programmed. ONA is committed to the use of top-quality original replacement parts. Only with the use of approved consumables can optimum production be guaranteed and the useful life of each machine be prolonged, thus optimizing costs.


ONA recommends always keeping the equipment in the best condition to ensure optimum operation. To this end, it implements a series of measures like software updating, data analysis, improvements in applications, machine upgrades or quick replacement of damaged parts. With ONA Smart Connect the useful life of each machine and manufacturing plants is lengthened as advanced knowledge-based services are included. The platform allows for data storage in the cloud for its subsequent exportation in real and historical time graphics, as well as deferred downloading of the data of the period being viewed. Exploiting the potential of each machine is key to more efficient production.