Tecnijusta expands its capacity to manufacture larger moulds with the ONA Iris 6 machine

Tecnijusta expands its capacity to manufacture larger moulds with the ONA Iris 6 machine

Tecnijusta acquires the ONA Iris 6 model to strengthen its capabilities and improve efficiency in the EDM process. This strategic investment will make it possible to apply EDM to larger parts and offer comprehensive solutions in mould manufacturing. The main reason for choosing ONA as a provider of EDM technologies is its combination of high quality, competitive prices and the exceptional performance of its solutions.

Specialists in the Manufacture of Highly Complex Technical moulds

Founded in 2006, Tecnijusta is a specialist in the manufacture of moulds for highly technically complex plastic injection for a variety of economic sectors. With a highly qualified team, the company offers a wide range of services that range from the design and production of moulds to after-sales assistance and repair. Its strategic location in one of the main clusters of the mould industry in Europe is a significant competitive advantage to optimise the relationship between cost, quality and innovation in its solutions. The Portuguese company’s ability to manufacture moulds of up to 10 tonnes demonstrates its ability to handle arge-scale and complex projects. This allows them to meet the needs of customers from various sectors, ensuring precision and efficiency in the manufacture of moulds.

The ONA Iris 6 machine: Efficiency and precision

The acquisition of the ONA Iris 6 machine marks an important milestone in Tecnijusta’s pursuit of excellence and the expansion of its EDM capabilities. The choice of ONA is based on outstanding value for money, optimal performance and the durability of ONA’s machines. According to Tecnijusta, “We chose ONA because of the excellent value for money. The performance is optimum and causes less wear on the electrodes, and we can use fewer electrodes compared to other machines to achieve a quality job.” With this acquisition, Tecnijusta expands its capacity to work with larger parts, thus satisfying the demands of its customers who equire the production of largerscale components, since previously they only had equipment to handle smaller sizes. The ONA Iris 6 model offers a high level of performance and reliability, significantly reducing production time and improving the quality of the finishes. Its innovative design and cutting-edge technology guarantee greater energy efficiency and longer component life, which translates into longterm cost reduction for Tecnijusta.

In summary, the acquisition of ONA’s Iris 6 machine by the Portuguese company expands its EDM capabilities and positions them as a leader in the sector. Now they can use EDM to handle larger parts and stay at the forefront of mould making innovation.

Benefits of ONA IRIS 6 for Tecnijusta

  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Optimum performance. Fewer electrodes reducing the problems of wear.
  • Ability to work with larger parts.
  • Reduction in production time and improvement of finishes.
  • Increased energy efficiency and component life, which means lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Innovative design and cutting-edge technology.
  • Company: TECNIJUSTA
  • Billing: 4.400.000,00€ (2022)
  • Location: Marinha Grande, Portugal
  • Services: Design, manufacture and repair of molds. After-sales assistance
  • Equipment:
    • EDM machine
    • ONA NX4
    • EDM machine
    • ONA IRIS6
    • EDM machine
    • ONA DR2
    • Die sinking EDM machine
    • Mitsubishi EA8
    • Die sinking EDM machine
    • Sodick FL600Q.
  • Sectors: Automotive, Aeronautics, Medical and hospital, Pharmaceutical, Home and garden, Home automation, Industrial equipment, Packaging, Household appliances.