EDM to guarantee the biggest competitive advantage: manufacture of highly accurate parts with quality finishes.

\ EDM to manufacture highly accurate parts with quality finishes.

The Chinese company NINGBO (IKD Co. LTD) is strongly committed to ongoing research & development in new solutions for the manufacturing of more and more precise components. Its facilities are home to 10 ONA die-sinking EDM machines, which help them to maintain their greatest advantage over their competitors: the precision and quality of their finishes.

IKD was founded in 2013 to manufacture aluminum castings for the automotive industry. It is based in the modern, international port city of Ningbo, and focuses on continuous research with a view to developing new, high value-added solutions. Its strategic location in an internationally important city which is China’s busiest port and the high quality of its products have earned the company several awards, including “preferred supplier” status from such major customers as Bosch, Valeo, Continental and the Schaeffler Group.

Fully committed to customers

“The manufacturing of aluminium die castings is key in meeting the tough requirements for light weight, energy savings and environmental protection imposed by the automotive industry”, states Mr. Bojie Xu, the firm’s Tooling Manager.
The high added value that its components provide has led customers such as Valeo, Bosch, Getrag, Knorr-Bremse, Magna, Nidec & Borgwarner, Continental, Mahle, Nexteer, Schaeffler, ThyssenKrupp , ZF and others to trust IKD as a regular supplier.
In 2016 the company opened a new plant in Mexico to guarantee supplies to Bosch, one of its main customers.
In the words of Mr. Sheng Hong, Vice President of IKD Co., Ltd., “throughout the construction process for the new plant in Mexico the Bosch group provided us with support by sending teams of experts to give us guidelines on projects, technology and even the design of the plant”.

Greater autonomy and productivity

The trust shown by IKD in ONA die-sinking EDM technology is based mainly on the major advantages provided by machines in the QX series for its production processes.
“Only by applying these advanced, high-performance machines can IKD continue to offer its customers such high-precision, high-quality products”, says Mr. Dongliang Song, General Manager of IKD Co., Ltd,. ONA can offer levels of productivity, quality and precision hitherto unseen on the market. Mr. Dongliang Song & Mr. Bojie Xu, as General Manager and Head of Machine Tools at IKD respectively, have visited the ONA head office in Durango on several occasions, most recently during the open day held in May 2018.

A future linked to innovation

As Mr. Donglian Song puts it, they share ONA’s emphasis on innovation. “In the future the company will take technological R&D as its driving force and the creation of new products as its direction. We are seeking to enhance our manufacturing technology while maintaining our position as global leaders of industry and working towards standardization, smart systems and innovation”,
In 2013 ONA set up premises in Shenzen (China) to maintain a presence close to its customers and thus offer them the best service. Since then Mr. Kimit Wang, Manager of the company’s subsidiary in China, has been assuring the satisfaction of customers there.

EQUIPMENT 8 x ONA QX4 machines.
1 x ONA QX6 machine.
1 x ONA NX4C machine.
CUSTOMERS Valeo, Bosch, Getrag, Knorr-Bremse, Magna, Nidec & Borgwarner, Continental, Mahle, Nexteer, Schaeffler, ThyssenKrupp, ZF and more.
SECTORS Mainly automotive.