Advantages of EDM for the manufacture of high added-value parts: excellent traceability guaranteeing their optimal completion

\ The advantages of EDM for the manufacture of high added-value parts

The French company Hourat has been a major player in the precision machining industry since 1970. Its business philosophy focuses on producing small high value added series for strategic industries such as aeronautics and energy. It has now decided to specialise in EDM for precision machining. And their supplier for this technology is ONA because, as they say “ONA understand the detail and the mechanics”. Their latest additions are a QX6 die-sink EDM model and an AV35 wire-cut EDM model.

ONA’s France General Manager with Yannick Suzanne Hourat’s present head.

Workpieces for the Oil and Gas industry.

Railway workpieces manufactured by Hourat.

Twenty-nine years ago, Jean Hourat set up his first precision machining workshop. Today, the French firm occupies a very important place in the machining sector, producing quality high-precision parts for such wide-ranging industries as aeronautics, energy, oil and rail. For many years they have imbued their work with a rigorous focus on quality, backed by extensive know-how in turning, milling, grinding and EDM.
In June 2017, the company was bought up by three industrialists: Michel Medioni, Guillaume Germain and Yannick Suzanne. The new management has now undertaken a very ambitious project. “Hourat’s vocation is to become a dynamic industrial company. We need to achieve even greater flexibility in design and manufacture”, says Yannick Suzanne, the present head. “Every incident must be turned into a source for reflecting on ways of improving our processes”.

Customer orientation, a philosophy shared with ONA

Customer orientation is one of Hourat’s principal values. By having the most advanced technology and expert human resources and listening to the customer, they can meet even the most demanding requirements.
It is precisely this philosophy, shared by ONA, which led Hourat to choose us as their supplier of EDM technology. “We’ve built up a relationship of trust with ONA. What we most value is their approachability and their capacity to listen. ONA is a solutions provider with very similar values to our own”, says Yannick Suzanne.

Certificaciones y reconocimientos

In 2013, Hourat became the first company to be certified for EDM by SAFRAN (a French hi-tech multinational working with Airbus), backed by NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

And it’s not the only recognition of its work quality. The French company has also obtained ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications (the quality standard of the Aeronautical, Space and Defence industries) and NADCAP Electrical Discharge Machining certification.among others.

Commitment to EDM
QX6 and AV35 MACHINES with ONA Smart Connect

A guarantee of precision and quality
Hourat has decided to focus its business on EDM, and already has 9 machines operating at its premises. The latest arrivals from ONA are a QX6 and an AV35 model. And the firm plans to extend its plant to house another thirty machines of this type
Hourat has Nadcap EDM certification, which, among other factors, takes into consideration optimum process management targeting improved quality and reduced costs throughout the aerospace and defence industry. The firm knows that by partnering with a company like ONA, it can be sure of fulfilling the demanding Nadcap requirements.
Hourat approached ONA with requirements for total traceability in its parts. By integrating the ONA Smart Connect service, Hourat can ensure traceability of all relevant parameters in manufacturing to ensure optimum performance. “ONA stands out for its service. We are experts in automation and in designing turnkey projects. Show us a part and we’ll show you our capabilities”, says Damien Roure, Sales Manager at ONA.

SECTORS Aeronautics, energy and oil and gas industries.
CERTIFICATIONS SAFRAN is part of the Airbus Group with a Nadcap certificate.
ISO 9001 AND EN 9001 certificates.