Our clients place the OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFICIENCY of our EDM equipment at 98%, one of the highest in the market

\ ONA and its OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFICIENCY for EDM machines at 98%


We have a highly qualified workforce with great expertise in EDM machinery manufacturing and precision assembly. Our standard of excellence in every project is accredited by our customers, who award us an overall efficiency rating for our machinery of 98%, one of the highest on the market. We are continually investing in new, cleaner, more environmentally and human friendly production processes. We are an example setter in the EDM industry.


\ Experts in EDM with European manufacturing

Over 65 years of experience mean that we are the most heavily specialised, longest-lived manufacturer in the world. We operate all over the world thanks to our international network of distributors. Our main production plant measures over 11,000 m2. Our machines are made entirely in Europe with components from leading European brands. As technology leaders we guarantee the best performance and the greatest reliability.

\ Customised solutions

We have the expertise and flexibility to be a global benchmark in tailored solutions to help improve the profitability of each individual customer. As world leaders in the manufacturing of large and special machines, we seek to ensure that our customers are competitive. We establish long-term partnerships and advise customers throughout the process to ensure maximum performance in every machine that we install. We analyse the needs of customers so as to offer each one exactly the right machine.

\ Innovation in the service of profitability

At our R&D Department we innovate to create more productive, reliable and robust machines. We work with technology research centres and take part in European R&D projects. We are continually searching for more improvements that can be applied to the solutions required by each customer.

\ Assurances and sustainability

We are committed to the environment. Industrial eco-design is applied to all our machines, to optimise their performance and energy efficiency.