The latest range of ONA”s die-sink EDM has a graphical interface with more intuitive and visually friendly menus.

\ New QX Neo machine improves control and facilitates usability

\ The latest range of ONA’s die-sink EDM has a graphical interface with more intuitive and visually friendly menus

It was one of the great news with which we went last September to the EMO Fair in Hannover (Germany), the most important machine-tool meeting in the world. This is the latest range of die-sink EDM that we have manufactured in ONA, the QX Neo, an evolution of QX featuring changes mainly in the numerical control and the HMI.


The die-sink EDM machine QX Neo enables a 3D view of the entire machining process. In addition to showing the part and letting the user manipulate it easily thanks to its tactile technology, the equipment includes a control that has never seen before in die-sink EDM, which makes it possible to view the part to be eroded on the screen, as well as the electrodes and their travels. As a result, it is possible to view the complete EDM process, select electrodes and even modify machining sequences quickly and easily with a simple touch before running the programme.

Definitely, the new range improves the control of the equipment and its usability through the optimisation of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), drastically reducing the possibility of programming errors. The new touch interface has very intuitive menus, and it is visually more user-friendly.

It includes the following features among others:

  • High-quality 24-inch screen.
  • Intuitive programming supported by graphics help
  • Improved environment for programming and simulation.
  • Graphic interaction throughout the process, digital programming from the solid to the part.
  • Verification of electrode position, travels, machining order, and job list.
  • Possibility to change the programme easily, avoiding errors.
  • I4.0: OPC-UA server, connectivity pack. Access to the platform from the machine, user management, advanced data logger, and offline traceability.

QX Neo also makes it possible to import the files directly from CAD-CAM, as well as to access and run the programmes located in another computer that can be accessed thanks to the rDesktop application.

For the rest, QX Neo equipment incorporates all the advantages of the QX range:

  • The Script Programming enables the creation of customised setup cycles, execute actions conditioned to a series of premises, perform a programming with variables, and generate customised dialogue boxes, among other actions.
  • The Security Pack guarantees the protection of the company’s sensitive information. This system enables the creation of a machine administrator, the setup of different access profiles, the limitation of file deletion or modification, the blocking of external accesses, and the log of power-on and working hours.
  • The high-performance digital generator can reach up to 400 Amperes, the highest power in the market. It is ideal for applications requiring high roughing and speed, as well as for achieving the high quality demanded in sectors such as aeronautical or aerospace.

\ Other features of the new QX Neo Die- sinking EDM machine are as follows:

  • Identity management through RFID, integrated in the Security Pack.
  • APPS:
    • CAD Assistant (3D model viewer).
    • rDesktop: Remote desktop client to access company systems for which they have permission.
    • Field demonstration with remote CADCAM, without additional licenses or limitation of machine hardware.

But not only do we manufacture and sell EDM machines at ONA; we sincerely want to improve the work of all those who rely on our technology. We are driven by the need to help, and that is why we are constantly integrating the benefits and advantages offered by Industry 4.0 into our offer of traditional training and repair services, which are essential for obtaining maximum machine performance. The ONA Smart Connect application makes it possible to monitor the machines in real time, analyse the programme history, optimise the manufacturing process and, last but not least, enable technicians to remotely connect to the equipment thanks to the Remote Service feature.

As the QX Neo machine, the rest of the ONA equipment is manufactured entirely in Europe with components from leading brands. The new die- sinking model, with touch screen control and 3D view, will be available in the more than 70 setups we offer, including dual-head machines that improve productivity by up to 200%.

We adapt our technology to the needs of companies so that they achieve the best finishing quality of the moulds in the shortest possible time.

Contact us if you have any doubts or questions. We will be delighted to help you.